Thursday 30 June 2011

Baldhead and Montreal River HSPA Launched 30 Jun 11

Baldhead and Montreal River can be added to the list of active Tbaytel 3G/4G HSPA sites in the Algoma District.
This is the overall status originally dated 30 Jun 11 and updated on 15 Jul 11.

Pays Platt Launched
Horn Launched
Neys TBD
Bamoos Launched
Hemlo Bell TBD
White River Launched
Marion Lake Launched
Desolation TBD
Dubreuilville TBD
Chapleau TBD
Wawa Launched
Michipicoten Launched
Baldhead Launched
Montreal River Launched
Ryan Launched
Bellevue Launched
Searchmont TBD


  1. Can't wait for the Searchmont tower. From what I'm told with the backhaul system being upgraded the stability of the highspeed canopy internet will increase also.

  2. I am hoping the upgrade will be in place very soon. They seem to be a little bit ahead of schedule for some sites but I have nothing specific for Searchmont.

    I am not sure about the impact the upgrade will have on Canopy.

    Your comment implies that there have been stability problems with Canopy. This is first I have heard any comments of this nature. I would appreciate hearing more about this. Please contact me directly at