Saturday 18 June 2011

Goulais (Buttermilk) Cell and Broadband Site as of 18 Jun 11

The Goulais (Buttermilk) site may be working. While I have not received any confirmation from Tbaytel, I have received reports from a number of other sources stating that they seem to be getting a functional CDMA signal from the site.

I drove around the site in Saturday afternoon and along Hwy 17. I also got a CDMA signal but I found it rather inconsistent. It fluctuated from one to five bars in a very short distance.

I do not have any HSPA test equipment so if anyone in the areas of Goulais (Buttermilk) with a Rogers or Tbaytel HSPA handset, is getting a signal please post something in the comment section below.

I have no word on the Canopy broadband (high-speed Internet) at this time.

I hope to get a confirmation of the official status of the Goulais (Buttermilk) site from Tbaytel on Monday and will update at that time.

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