Friday 4 November 2011

Seasonal Data Hub Usage Information (Updated Information Added)

Addtional information added I am on a month-to-month plan with the Rogers data hub; I bought it outright without a contract.
I recently asked Rogers if they had some kind of plan for persons who only needed or wanted the data hub on a seasonal basis such as summer residents or snowbirds who went south for the winter. I received the following reply from Rogers: - “In regards to your recent inquiry, unfortunately we are unable to temporarily suspend wireless service.”
It appears the sole Rogers option if you own a data hub and want seasonal access only is to cancel the service and sign-up again when the service is required. It looks as if users on a Rogers’ contract are out of luck.
There is currently a $35.00 activation fee associated with the data hub. Although I have heard that this has been waived in some cases, I would factor it into my cost analysis. It seems one would be need to be away for at least two billing cycles (months) to make the trouble worthwhile.
While I can’t confirm it, I suspect the other two carriers serving the Algoma District have similar policies. If anyone has additional information, let me know and I will post it.
Addtional information added.It looks like a Tbaytel insider took me up on my offer to  post additional information; see comment below from Anonymous. He reports that the Tbaytel policy on seasonal service for month-to-month users is cost and hassle free. Sounds good for the North Sault and North Algoma seasonal residents. 


  1. Tbaytel doesn't charge an activation fee, nor do they charge for new SIM cards.

    Month-to-month customers can call Customer Care and cancel the service same day; Tbaytel doesn't require a mandatory waiting period.

    When a customer wants to reactivate service, they will need to visit a dealer so a new SIM can be activated. Tbaytel currently can not reactivate a deactivated SIM.

  2. To Anonymous: Thanks for the additional information

  3. Hello - I've called TBaytel regarding using my existing Rogers hub to get on their service. I was told it was possible. Great. I called back again a few days later (maybe a week) to start the process and was then told I had to visit an agent (the Brick) to get a SIM card. I did that and was told they can't separate the packages they have (SIM card and hub). I sort of understand that concern. But they didn't seem to know much about getting a "new" SIM card and only suggested I call the Wawa Brick outlet for more info. I called the Wawa Brick and was told pretty much the same thing - they only have packages and I'd have to get my SIM card from TBaytel. TBaytel customer support tells me they don't provide parts directly to the customer - I need to go thru an authorized agent (in my case, the Brick). Full circle. I explained I'd been there and all that. The Brick person said she'd contact TBaytel for some clarification and call me back. I haven't heard anything in the 2 or 3 weeks or so since the initial go-round.

    I post this here (apologies if this is off topic) because if there is a TBaytel insider reading this blog, please tell me if and how I can simply get a new SIM card for my W35 Rocket hub - to get on your network. The agents and TBaytel customer support (as polite as they are) aren't really much help lately. This should be really simple, wouldn't you think? HSPA service growing pains aside, I think this should be easy to cover off and I'd just like some direction. You have a potential customer knocking at your door and you're making him crazy. Any thanks if you (the insider) and / or blog owner can help.

  4. I believe there may be two issues here. The original post applied to an existing Tbaytel customer who wanted to stop and restart service.

    In anonymous’ case he wants to start a new account using Customer Provided Equipment (CPE). (Note: The following is from the NetComm User Guide: “Some SIM cards are locked and require a code to be entered before the router is able to use the SIM. This can mean the SIM is PIN locked to prevent its use in another device, PUK locked (after entering an incorrect PIN number) or alternatively the router itself can be Network (MEP) locked.”

    I exchanged messages with the North Sault/Wawa agent and he provided the following feedback:

    “ …we did have an inventory issue where I did not have extra SIM cards and we had some confusion regarding purchasing Tbaytel SIM cards. Both issues are resolved: I have extra SIM cards at $19.95

    ‘Customer is required to come into the store in Wawa or the Sault (Jxxxxxx. is available Monday to Friday 9-5 in the Sault). They should bring their hub with them as we need to scan the device or write down the device numbers so we can key them in to the Tbaytel system

    ‘They need to come in and sign up for the Flex plan we will install their new Tbaytel SIM card, Tbaytel provisions the device and that's it.‘‘

    I hope this helps.