Friday 26 September 2014

Deferral Account Marketing Material

Have all the Deferral Account areas' potential users  received their direct mail marketing material from Bell yet? 

I am also interested if anyone living outside the areas shown on these maps received a direct mail brochure.


  1. I'm in the Acton deferral area. I have received my Netgear router and had the antenna installation completed yesterday, but so far I still haven't received any marketing material from Bell. If it wasn't for this blog, I'd still be waiting :-). Sean.

  2. Nothing for me at Horseshoe Bay. I do know that their address numbers for Marlette Drive are wrong as Bell agent said only numbers 8-64 on Marlette qualified... none of those numbers exist! Marlette Dr starts at 177. So, if you talk to them be sure to be clear on your location!

  3. I did NOT receive any brochure but when I called all they asked for was my area code which is Richards Landing's and I was approved.

    1. Yes, they have gotten better over time. At the start, they had more problems associating BWI5 (Deferral Account) eligibility in some area than in others. As I understand it, they use a combination of Google Maps, postal codes and addresses.

      In places like St. Joseph Island, this is fairly straight forward as all three metrics line up easily. In areas like Echo Bay and Goulais it is more problematic because the postal codes and BWI5 area do not always match and some of the commonly used addresses are not the same in Google Maps terminology.

      For example, part of the of the Echo Bay area has the same postal code both inside and outside the BMI5 eligible area.

      Also, while locals in Goulais may refer to an address as Number XXXX Hwy 552 West, Google Maps uses the terminology Number XXXX Ontario 552 Goulais River (or XXXX ON-552 Goulais River); even then it has a habit of indicating a wrong location.

      It seems the only sure way to identify a location within an area is to have the latitude and longitude readily available. This is easy to get from Google Earth.