Sunday 11 July 2010

Broadband Canada Announcements 09 Jul 10

The Broadband Canada announcements are coming fast and furious. Another round of announcements was released on 09 Jul 10 including three in Northern Ontario but not in the Algoma District. Based on the companies named, they appear to be fixed wireless and satellite based systems. 

The full list is available at 



Spectrum Telecom Group Ltd. / Blue Sky Economic Growth Corporation Beaucage, Chisholm, Rutherglen, Nipissing, West Nipissing, Sundrige, Strong, Estair, Wahnapitei, Skerryvore, Shawanaga, Bell Lake, Bonfield, McDougall, McMurrich, Armour

Galaxy Broadband Communications Inc.

Cochrane District

TBay Tel / Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre Inc. Oliver-Paipoonge, Fort William, Neebing, Township of Shuniah



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