Wednesday 23 March 2011

Gros Cap Area Added to Vianet Wireless Coverage Map

Update on 06 Jun  11. The wireless expansion is now complete and operational. My thanks to "Anonymous" for keeping me up-to-date on this expansion.

The Vianet website map is now showing the future coverage arc for the Gros Cap area.  No operational date is indicated. 

Additional details of the service can be found in this blog entry.


  1. I inquired again at their office yesterday and was told that they're still waiting for the "climbers" from out-of-town to come and mount the additional radio to service Gros Cap. No word on an operational date.

  2. It is now reported the Gros Cap installation will take palce on 02 May 11 subject to weather.

  3. It's been delayed... they're waiting for new "climbing harnesses" now.

  4. Some good news... Shawn from Vianet hooked us up to their current system (aimed more at Pointe Des Chenes) late last week and it's working OK... getting about 1.2 - 1.5 Mbps for downloads.

    Hopefully it'll be more consistently up around 1.5 once the new Gros Cap radio is in place but at least we are off dial-up now.