Tuesday 8 February 2011

Pointes des Chênes and SSM Airport Wireless Broadband

Vianet is offering wireless point-to-multipoint broadband service in the Pointes des Chênes and SSM Airport areas. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) will use wireless technology to deliver broadband (high-speed Internet) to the subscribers' premises. The figure following illustrates the basic components of wireless broadband (high-speed Internet) system. This wireless system is completely different from Wi-Fi or satellite systems.
Full details are available at http://vianet.ca/wireless_ssm_on.php
Summary and Map
Vianet’s Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Wireless
  • $49.95 /month
  • Equipment rental included
  • Speeds: Up to 1.5 Mbps downstream, up to 512 Kbps upstream
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Free Junk mail filtering
  • Webmail Access
  • 100 MB of personal web space
  • No Charge Dialup connection if wireless access fails
  • One time Install charge of $149.95
Coverage Areas: Link
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  1. Interesting... Anybody know the effective range? I live over in Gros Cap and can see the water tower from my house.

  2. I suggest you give Vianet a call:

    421 Bay St., Suite 201
    (Second Floor of the Station Tower above TD Bank)
    Sault Ste-Marie, ON
    P6A 1X3
    Phone: (705) 253-4700
    Fax: (705) 256-2578

  3. I stopped by their office but the guy with the answers was out... the lady at the desk did say they're putting up another antenna, possibly by Marshall Drive. I'm waiting for a call-back with hopefully more info... I'll post it here.

  4. Thanks. I appreciate you keeping us all informed of the information.

  5. The current radio that's mounted covers pretty much from Pointe Des Chenes to Sunnyside beach road. Very soon we will be mounting the radio to cover Gros Cap. I have the radio I am just waiting on some climbers to come up to mount it. We are just working on a date to make that happen, but I am keeping a list of the site checks that are submitted and will be contacting people once the radio is mounted. It should cover things from about Marshall drive west once mounted.

    Vianet Internet Solutions

  6. This is good news. ADnet congratulates Vianet on its work to bring wireless broadband service to this area of Sault Ste Marie and Prince Township.

    Thanks you very much

  7. Thanks Vianet for stepping up to offer this service. I'm looking forward to a site visit at my house soon!

    Martin V. (aka "anonymous")

  8. I'm told the installation date for the new radio aimed at Gros Cap is tentatively set for May 2nd (weather permitting).

  9. The new radio is now up and Shawn from Vianet upgraded the equipment at my house (in Gros Cap). It's working great... speeds are as promised or better at times. Thanks Vianet!