Monday 7 March 2011

North Sault Update 07 Mar 11

I debated long and hard about this posting due to the many previous disappointments. In spite of what Einstein said, I believe I still have my sanity so, as the messenger, I will give it a go.

My Tbaytel contact provided me with a detailed scheduled indicating the work that still needed to be done. This plan calls for system operational testing to be completed around the 08 Apr 10.

There are two critical path items in the plan:

  1. The professional engineer approves and signs the engineering drawing so the reinforcing steel and mounting structure s for the Bellevue tower can be fabricated. This is scheduled for 08 Mar 11.
  2. Weather does not cause a delay. Personnel have to actually climb and work on the three towers concerned - Bellevue, Goulais (Buttermilk) and Heyden – and personal safety will always be a factor.

It then becomes a matter of scheduling a user site visit by the Canopy equipment installer. This can be arranged by contacting Tbaytel Customer Service Customer Service at 807- 623-4400 or 1-800-264-9501 or Email:

Cell phone users can enjoy the improved coverage immediately. 


  1. SO i called tbaytel, and they say they had a setback, it will be ready in MAY. what a JOKE. this is ridiculous. plus now apparently its $200 for set up.

  2. I am not aware of a change in the one time installation fee. I have asked Tbaytel senior management for clarification and will post their response when I receive it.

  3. Tbaytel has confirmed that the one-time installation fee is still $75.00.

  4. wth.. when i called i was told i had to fill out a canopy questionnaire and that the set up fee is $200, then i was told it was postponed till May. this is getting ridiculous how they keep postponing it. Thanks for the continuous updating though, at least it keeps my hopes up :P