Friday 10 June 2011

North Sault Broadband Implementation Report 10 Jun 11

The limited feedback I received to date concerning the implementation of the Canopy fixed wireless broadband in the North Sault area is very positive. Users appear happy to be getting the service and are satisfied with the quantitative improvements over dial-up or satellite service.

One report indicates a download speed of 3.75 Mbps and an upload speed of .92 Mbps. While this may not seem like much to urban dwellers in places like Ottawa where Rogers announced they will introduce wireless (cellular) LTE service via a data stick in the 300 Mbps/70 Mbps range later this summer, it is a marked improvement.

I have received one account that a potential user was in a Canopy wireless “dead zone” and could not receive a signal with the necessary strength. Even so, he was very complementary about the effort made by the installer to try all options in an attempt to find a location on the property that might get a signal. He may try the 3G/4G HSPA service discussed below.

I am also getting feedback that people within range of the Bellevue tower 3G/4G HSPA service are using Rogers data hubs to install broadband (high speed Internet) and home phone service. One comment said the data hubs are out-of-stock until next week in the local area. Additional information on how this works is available through this ADnet website link

More people are likely to take–up this choice as additional 3G/4G HSPA sites come on line.


  1. Have you heard any time frames for the Hayden or Buttermilk towers becoming operational? They seem to be the only ones in the area who are not on any list of up and running towers.


  2. Tbaytel is implementing two separate but related projects at this time:

    a. Tbaytel Regional In-Fill (RIF) project involves, inter alia, the construction of new CDMA and Canopy fixed wireless sites at Heyden and Goulais (Buttermilk). This project has a publicly funded portion;

    b. Installation of a 3G/4G HSAP Rogers compatible overlay at the existing and new CDMA tower sites. This project is private sector funded.

    Heyden Cell Site is operational in CDMA mode i.e. Bell 2G/2.5 G compatible and with Canopy fixed wireless. I expect 3G/4G HSPA will be available from the Heyden tower in the near future but I cannot provide an exact date at this time. I will post the information as soon as I receive it.

    The Goulais (Buttermilk) situation is unclear at this time. It seems there are unknown issues involving Tbaytel personnel gaining access to the site causing indefinite delays. My expectation is that when Tbaytel activates Goulais (Buttermilk), all three technologies - CDMA, HSPA and Canopy - will become available at the same time. Again, I will post the information as soon as I receive it.

    Activation of Goulais (Buttermilk) in the CDMA and Canopy mode means the RIF project will be complete in the Algoma District.

    The scheduled completion date for the HSPA overlay project is the fall of 2011. In addition to the Heyden and Goulais (Buttermilk) sites, HSPA upgrades are required along the Hwy 17 corridor at Batchawana, Ryan, Montreal River and Baldhead sites. This project is private sector funded