Saturday 29 August 2015

NightShift - An Application To Make Xplornet Netflix Viewing Better

Long time readers will realize that I seldom provide links to third party value added applications or commercial offerings. However, occasionally I find out about something that I deem may be of value to broadband (high speed) Internet users in the Algoma District.

My colleagues at Northland Consultants recently sent me a link to an application and product I feel may fit my referral criteria. The product is called NightShift and applies to users who are still stuck with Xplornet satellite service as their primary means of connecting to the Internet.

The concept of NightShift is that it uses a WiFi router and memory stick to download and record Netflix shows during the unrestricted off-peak hours. The product site claims that once recorded, the show can be played back as HD without buffering.  

There is a monthly charge for the service but some users may find it worth the cost.

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