Sunday 29 January 2012

New Bell Coverage Map

As a follow-up to my post about Bell moving into the North Sault area. I noticed the Bell map now includes North Sault in future 4G HSPA+ coverage at 21 Mbps. I did not see a specific date for when the service would be available.



  1. I have been having a problem just a week before Christmas my bell iPhone 3GS is constantly searching or dropping signal. I have called numerous times and was told to change my sim card which did nothing . I thought my phone was to blame and a few other people I work with say they are having the same problem. One coworker of mine told me he heard that bell had sold some of their towers to Rogers and that is why we have a weaker signal. Maybe bell is gearing up for 4g in he north so they sold some towers to finance the north project.

  2. I have published the reply to this comment as a separate blog called "Dropped Mobile Calls"

  3. Is there any indication that Bell will adjust it's 3G pricing as part of their Sault North expansion?

  4. For data hub connectivity, the Goulais River area was identified as part of the Deferral Account project. If Deferral Account funds are used to offset some costs of establishing Deferral Account access points i.e. towers and cell sites, then residents living within the designated boundaries should be eligible for the Deferral Account data hub service rate which is in the range of $50.00 per month for a 65 GB data cap as opposed to the normal rates shown in this blog.

    However, the whole Deferral Account process is very confused at the moment. While the CRTC has given Bell the green light to proceed, Rogers appealed that decision to the Governor–in-Council last fall. No decision concerning the appeal has been announced to date.

    A far as voice service costs, the expansion would be considered a normal part of the network and the prices for smartphone (voice and data) service would be the same as elsewhere in the Bell network. The fact that Bell can use the Deferral Account infrastructure to provide normal voice service is part of the basis for the Rogers appeal as they claim it is non-competitive.

    1. The defferal account money should not be used to expand celluar coverage. It was collected and intended to be used to expand wireline services.

      The money should be returned to the wireline customers whose accounts were subject to this tax.

    2. A number of consumer groups argued this position before the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC)in 2009. The SCC ruled that 50% of the Deferral Account funds could be used to provide broadband as well as improve service to the hearing impaired and 50% returned to the customers. The decision can be reviewed at: