Friday 22 July 2011

Goulais (Buttermilk) Canopy Service–22 Jul 11

See this entry for updated information.

Tbaytel continues to experience problems with the Goulais (Buttermilk) Canopy fixed wireless site. At the moment an antenna problem is not allowing the site to transmit or receive the wireless signal at the necessary strength. This problem does not affect the either of the cellular sites – the CDMA (Tbaytel/Bell) or the HSPA (Tbaytel/Rogers). They continue to operate normally.
Unfortunately, due to a clerical error the local Canopy installer was informed the site was operational. On a few occasions, including at my residence, he was unable to receive a strong enough signal and thus could not install the service. I am working with Tbaytel to determine if some user sites require a re-rest. 
For the technically inclined, the receive signal has to be stronger than -80 dBm and preferably in the -75 dBm range.
Tbaytel anticipates it will be 2-3 weeks before they resolve the problem.


  1. Buttermilk wireless canopy? 2.5 month wait.. Any recent news?

  2. I have nothing new at this time. I contacted Tbaytel on 08 Jul 11 regarding the site’s status and they replied an update will be sent in few days. I will publish a new blog entry once I hear the latest from Tbaytel.

    As I understand the situation, there is a need to do some non-associated work on the Bellevue and Searchmont towers. They are waiting for permission from the owner of the Bellevue tower, MTS Allstream, to do the work at that site. They want all the clearances in place before dispatching the necessary technicians to fix the Goulais (Buttermilk) Canopy antenna.

    It is unfortunate that Tbaytel does not contract with one of the qualified local companies to do routine maintenance and repair work on the towers and equipment in the eastern end of the network. I made numerous suggestions to Tbaytel along this line and a number of local Sault Ste. Marie companies submitted non-solicited proposal to do such work, all to no avail.

  3. While there is no guarantee, it appears the Goulais (Buttermilk) Canopy site will become operational the week of 15 Aug 11. I will post a separate entry once I receive written confirmation.

  4. this is jan/13 and my cellular phone does not work in goulais bay. why?

    1. There is definitely operational cell service in the Goulais area and has been for some time.

      I need additional information before I can comment on your specific situation. If you can provide the following information, I may be able to offer some advice: a) Where exactly in Goulais Bay will the phone not operate? b) What company is your service provider? c) Is your service prepaid or post paid? d) What is the phone model?

    2. im on the east side of goulais and get cell and internet service and i also get it in goulais bay might be your cell phone,as for the internet hermes , hopefully you can talk some sense to these guys i call like every week and complain, for the amount i pay we should be getting the speeds proposed, i know tbay tel is giving rebates on internet for poor service but rogers isnt and thats who im with. im glad that someone is pushing the situation because if not nothing would get done thanks for doing that hermes appreciate it

  5. Thanks for you kind comments.

    I continue to provide feedback to the vendors. We have had limited success but I will keep on trying.