Saturday 18 August 2012

Another Bell North Sault Site 18 Aug 12

Bell continues it build out in the North Sault area.  They recently announced public consults for two sites in the SSM area.  One they referenced as Pine St - Northern Avenue area near Sault College in the city; it will be a 34 metre monopole. The other they referenced as GNR - 6th  Line. It will be located to the west of the former Greenbelt Bingo Hall site on Hwy 17 and will be a 70 metre lattice tri-pole similar to those under construction at Heyden (Beaumont) and Goulais (Buttermilk).

There was no in-service date provided but it normally takes 6-9 months after the public consult for construction to start. Therefore I suspect we are looking at the 2013 work plan output.

Like other new Bell sites they will be HSPA+ only (no CDMA). The  new GNR - 6th Line site will also help fill some of the broadband service gaps in the area by making data hub technology available.

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