Thursday 30 August 2012

Progress Report on Bell Cell in North Sault 30 Aug 12

Work on the new Bell cell site located near the Beaumont Trailer Park  near Heyden in the North Sault area is progressing well. As can be seen in the accompanying pictures, the tower is topped off and the antennas mounted. It looks like the power and fibre optic backhaul cables are in place.  One picture  shows its relative relationship to the existing Tbaytel tower as viewed from the MTO weigh scale area at Heyden.

The tower can be seen from the intersection of Hwy 17 and Pine Shores Rd. so I am expecting good coverage. 

I have no confirmed in-service date as yet.

Bell Tower at Heyden (Beaumont)

Bell Beaumont Showing Power and Fibre Optic Cable

Bell Beaumont Pinwheel Antennas Mounted

Relationship of the Bell Tower to the Tbaytel Tower

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