Tuesday 21 January 2014

New Cell Sites in North Sault

I have received various reports that Bell has recently activated a number of cell sites in the Goulais and Wawa areas. 

The new Goulais sites are Goulais Bay (Pine Shore Road), Nils Bay, and Kirby’s Corner. These sites are in addition to the existing Bell sites at Batchawana Bay, Havilland (Buttermilk) and Heyden. The site at Havilland Bay will likely come on line in the second quarter of 2014. See the map below.

St. Joseph Island  sites are still under construction.

There are also three sites in the Wawa area that are now operational. See the map below.

While the sites were built as part of the Deferral Account project, the full Deferral Account service option is not scheduled for commissioning until end July 2014. The Deferral Account network cell sites are designed to provide maximum broadband (high speed) Internet service coverage using a data hub connected to an external antenna. Standard cell voice and data service is a side benefit. Because of this, it may be possible that data hub service will be better than voice service in some areas.

Once Bell is ready to activate the Deferral Account area, they will do a advertising blitz to inform local residents about the program. 


  1. So in other words, the service is gonna be good for about a month to shut us up, then it'll get back to normal... IE: JUNK!

    Can't run a web-only company in this area. Think I'll get rid of their crap and get another dish instead.

    Between 3 major international telecoms, they can't even offer me a 75% level of service, collectively and modem resets are done over 20 times a day, collectively.

    THAT is NWO U.N. Agenda 23 - Force everyone to cities to make it easier to control and exterminate.

    I'll go broke from internet before I move to a city.

  2. When a company adds the number of cell sites indicated on the maps in the same service area, the quality of service has to improve. Only time will tell for sure.

    BTW, I have heard of UN Agenda 21 but not Agenda 23.

  3. Wow, you sound bitter. Who took your silver spoon away? :)

  4. Right now the signal / speeds are excellent (coming off one of the new towers). However once the seasonal population ramps up for the summer, this could degrade significantly. As mentioned, only time will tell, but I am hopeful.

  5. This is all good news for the residents and businesses of Algoma

  6. Excellent service now on four seasons drive. 12 meg download on my hub.