Wednesday 17 September 2014

Antenna Installation for Deferral Account 17 Sep 2014

Just received a call this morning from the Crossover representative and made arrangements to install my DA antenna next week. 

First positive news in weeks. 

He said he had another 8 orders to date for installs in the area.


  1. Was the call from a local representative who will actually perform the install or from the person(Kate I believe) at head office?I live on St.Joseph Island,signed up for a DA account on Sept.3,received my hub on Sept.5 and was promised a call to arrange an install within 48 hours.Incidentally,the cable connection from my old 1210 hub to my Wilson antenna is not compatible with the new 1516 hub.

    1. It was from the local install company- Optik Technology.

  2. Received my call this morning (Sept. 24) for the antenna install, caller ID was Citywide Electric. They said there would be no charge. Marty @ Horseshoe Bay.

  3. Also got a call from Citywide - they had my in town address as the install location. Not sure if they were aware that the install is out in Marlette so I called them to ask. The person I talked to was not aware of the actual service address so I also called Bell -- who verified the Marlette service address is actually correct on my account -- so I don't know what happened. Supposed to get a call back sometime next week from the installer to sanity check.