Wednesday 22 April 2015

Bell Mobility Wants to Expand Into Lake Superior Provincial Park

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) on behave of the Government of Ontario has published a “Proposed Occupational Authority for Communication Towers and Associated Infrastructure in Lake Superior Provincial Park”

Published in the Sault Star on 22 May 2015, the notice identifies Bell Mobility as the telecommunications proponent and lists three specific locations:  a) Gargantua Road b) Coon Lake and c) Sand River Road. The locations shown on the map below are approximate as the exact latitude and longitude of each site was not listed in the public announcement. 

The towers will be 35 metres tall and “designed to mimic a pine tree.” 

 Pictures of similar designs can be seen at this link.

The closing date for public comment to be submitted is 22 May 2015. The principal contacts are:

Matthew Milligan
Advisor, Real Estate and Government Relations
Bell Mobility
Tel: 905-282-2778

Bob Elliott
Superior Provincial Park Superintendent
Ontario Parks, MNRF
705-856-2284 ext 2225


  1. That is fascinating that a tree can mimic a cell tower! I did look at the link to view the camouflage trees to order and that is such a unique idea! Brilliant in fact. So is this going to be a fact and in place sometime soon, perhaps I should change carriers as I'm on Rogers for cell data now and in the future will tour the Highway North.

  2. So did this actually take place at these locations? Since there is still no cell service at head locations I would assume no

  3. It appears Bell didnot take any further actions on these plans. There is a very strong grassroots movement in Canada to keep cellualr infrastructue out of provincial and national parks. While these anti-cellual movements have not always been successful - witness Algoquin Park - they have delayed or deferred implementation in many cases.