Friday 15 January 2016

New BWI5 (Deferral Account) Price Structure Jan 2016

The BWI5 (Deferral Account) is now offering a new price structure

Once again there have been major changes to the BWI5 (Deferral Account) service offering by Bell Mobility. Starting as low as 50 GB for $48.95, up 100 GB is now available for $63.95 plus taxes. It is a data flex type plan where the basic price is increase over two additional tiers only when your usage exceeds the limits in each tier.

As usual with announcements concerning the BWI5 (Deferral Account) program, there is no information available on the Bell websites. News of the amended service is being spread by word of mouth through users, stores and blogs like this.

The following details have been confirmed by contacts at Bell Mobility in Toronto:

Applicability:  Users must meet all the residency requirements of the BWI5 (Deferral Account) plans i.e. installation and use location within a Deferral Account area.  

Editorial Comments:

    1.      I am aware of users that use a billing address outside a Deferral Account area; a claim of seasonal residency seems to be the common approach.
    2.     I am also aware of users who do not live within a known Deferral Account area that are receiving BWI5 (Deferral Account) pricing by being able to convince Bell Mobility.
    3.      I am further aware of users that have transported and used their data hubs outside its normal registered Deferral Account area and have not been charged any extra charges contrary to the policy BCE expressed to the CRTC when seeking approval of the Deferral Account plan.
 Data Hub Requirements: the new prices are applicable with all three data hubs currently in use with the BWI5 (Deferral Account) plan, depending on when you signed a contract or purchased your data hub: the original the NetGear MBR 1516 (external port and antenna available), the interim the Huawei B882 (no external antenna port) and now the ZTE MF275R (no antenna port but has battery backup). If you are a new customer you will need to either acquire a data hub from Bell Mobility or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  

Price Structure:

Data hub provided by Bell: ZTE MF275R

Two year term basic rate: Up to 50GB - $53.95
Up to 75 GB - $58.95
Up to 100 GB - $63.95
More than 100GB - $4/GB

User owned data hub or BYOD
The 30 day term starts at $48.95 with 50GB of data
Up to 75 75GB - $53.95
Up to 100GB - $58.95
More than 100 GB - $4/GB

Speeds: The 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload limits still applies 

Apparently Bell Mobility is allowing existing contract customers to pay off the time reaming on their contract and switch to the new plan.  

While the new plan is not identified as a “promotion”, as the interim was, Bell Mobility would not indicate how long it would be available. 


  1. Thanks for the update on this program. I look forward top Bell providing a similar offering in the Searchmont area this year

    1. Hi Marko:

      It would be nice if Bell replaced all the CDMA sites that were deactivated a few years ago with HSPA or LTE Sites using the 700 MHz band; see this 12 July 2014 blog entry for some background information:

      This would require Bell to add new sites at Searchmont and the Bellevue Hill locations.

      There is also a need to improve the cellular signal in the area around Island Lakes and along the whole length of Hwy 556 in general.

      In other parts of the Algoma District, the Red Rock area in Dennis Township is a significant area without adequate cellular service as is the Shoals area of Hwy 101.

  2. Has anyone successfully been able to upgrade to this new plan over the phone?? As usual, the reps never seem to be able to find it….I was on hold for 10 mins and just hung up.

    I did reference the current BWI5 deferral account info…but still get the deer in headlight response….


  3. UPDATE:

    Finally got a hold of a Bell rep. who after checking, found the new plan. New plan effective at the start of my billing period early next month. I'm on a month to month - no contract as I purchased the Huawei B882 outright.

    So the moral of the story .... just call back and try another rep. if you have issues.


  4. This may help some - Cut and paste of my Bell account showing the new plan name:

    Wireless Internet 5 Flex

    Restrict Text Messages - Hubs

    Data 50GB-100GB Stepped

    1. Hi Rob1:

      Can you share with us what speeds you are getting with your new setup?

      Identify what data hub modem you are using



  5. Hermes

    Same as before - 5 down 1 up.


  6. As a FYI - since switching to the new Wireless Internet 5 Flex package, I've had to call Bell CS to unlock my account.

    It seems they are having a issue with this package where thier systems think the account is on a pay per use plan?? Once you hit an unknown amount of data (text said 30 Gigs - though I was only at 500 Megs) - they send a text message (to the device/Hub) to accept the data charges. This has happened twice since last Monday....the first, two days after moving to the new package..then again yesterday - two days after the start of my new billing period.

    Both times the Bell CS removed the lock and the device (HUB) had to be rebooted. I'm lucky my wife is home during the day as was able to would have sucked if your out of town and have security cameras like I do....and are unble to reboot.


  7. Does anyone have any information with the Bell logo on it or a link they can send from Bell showing NetGear is eligible for this plan. I have a NetGear MBR 1210 H2 that works well but the plan is 3GB for $42. Rather than argue with Bell, which could be a part time job, I activated a ZTE. When I got home to Algoma Mills the unit didn't connect. Hours with technical support and several calls later I had to drive to the Sault again and get another unit. Checked the connectivity in the store and brought it home -it quit connecting after 3 days. Another trip to the Sault to return this unit.

    Now I am trying to get the BWI5 plan switched to the NetGear and being told that it is not eligible. The Customer Relations Centre wants me to try the ZTE a third time and will only offer me 40GB for $59.95 with each additional GB over 40 at $4. I am not happy.

    Does anyone have information that would help? I told them what I read on this blog but unless it is written by Bell they will not accept it as factual.

    Started this on Feb 4th and I'm no further ahead.

    1. Hi Laurie:

      I can address some of the issues you have raised in your comment.

      The Algoma Mills locale is not part of a Deferral Account area and thus not qualified to receive the BWI5 service plan. See the blog entry at which shows maps of the Algoma District Deferral Account areas.

      As noted in the main blog entry above, I am aware that some users have been able to convince Bell to authorize BWI5 service outside a Deferral Account area but I understand it takes a lot of effort interacting with support and management on behalf of the user.

      I have also heard that the SSM Bell Store has a fairy liberal approach to signing up BWI5 members. Unfortunately, these users sometimes run into eligibility issues when they have to deal with Bell customer service or tech support further down the line.

      The NetGear data hub eligible as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the NetGear MBR1516. Bell has confirmed this to me by e-mail. Although I cannot confirm it, I suspect there are network firmware and network compatibility issues with the NetGear MBR1210 in the BWI5 role.

      I am not aware of the specific package they are offering. However, I do remember that during the wireless codes hearings a few years back, one of the carriers claimed they had over 1200 active variations of wireless service plans.

  8. hi, can anyone send me the code for this plan?

    1. I am not sure what you mean by "code for this plan."

      On my month;y bill and contract the service is identified as "Plan: Wireless Internet 5 Flex"

      I hope this helps.

  9. Does yesterday's CRTC ruling that internet is now considered a essential service benifit our currect 5/1 package?? I don't thinks Bell's current LTE can support the required min. 50 dn / 10 up service. Bring on the Fiber!

    1. I think it is too early to determine what the impact of the CRTC announcement will have on existing rural and remote service.

      An important consideration is what will be the reaction of Robelus to the new policy – will they embrace it or fight at all legal and regulatory levels.

      The announcement was also vague on both retail and wholesale prices. There is no use having the technology if the price is not affordable to the average user.

      As to LTE, the specification can handle the required speeds technically but your observation about the Bell network is likely accurate.; it is not robust enough to handle the additional data loads. Numerous more cell sites would be needed.

    2. Rogers comment - Bell offered none :

      Telecom giant Rogers Inc. called the CRTC plan acceptable, pointing out that it already offers services at speeds of up to 20 times faster than the new target.
      "While there are still many details to be worked out, we are encouraged by this reasonable plan to help increase access to Canadians in hard-to-reach areas of the country," said Rogers senior vice president, regulatory, David Watt.

  10. Yes that is encouraging but talk from Rogers can be cheap. Over the 16 years that ADnet issued RFPs for broadband service in the Algoma District, Rogers did not respond (They did respond to some cellular service RFPs) What I am getting at is Rogers does not have a very high wireline profile in rural and remote areas and at first blush, it would seem they have the most to benefit under any subsidy programme.

  11. I just signed up for the wireless 5 service and was able to get 200gb for $80/month.

  12. We got this secret service via The Source and they said it was a "trial" service. 200 GB for $80/mos, but limited to up to 5mbps - and it wont connect the 5gz to my laptop - keeps kicking me off internet (5ghz works with the newer hardware Android phone and new laptop) Muskoka Area.

  13. Is your older laptop even 5 GHz compatible? My 2 older laptops are only 2.4 GHz compatible. I assume you have checked the WiFi mode setting to ensure the laptop and data hub are matched.