Tuesday 21 December 2010

Desbarats Cell Tower Hwy 17

I have been informed that the new Bell cell tower outside Desbarats is scheduled for commissioning the week of 20 –24 Dec 10. This should improve connectivity in the south Tarbutt Township and North East St Joseph Island areas. The site is HSPA so it will support Turbo Stick and Net Gear or Ericsson Turbo hub connectivity.

Northland Consultants located on the Searchmont highway  can provide advice and hardware if an external antenna is needed to ensure solid service.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think it's working yet? If it is I find it very sketchy then. Although I have a Rogers Phone I do have a Bell Decommissioned Pay As You Go cell phone that still works to connect and activate and I have 1 to no bars and I can see the tower out my front window (Jan 30th 2010).
    I live North of the Tower on McCluskie Road by Desbarats Lake area and have heard that apparently pointed the nodes (antennas or whatchamacallits) towards the St.Joe area and Desbarats area...is this true?
    I hope this is not true cause if I have to stare at this tower from my living room window blinking at night taking full precident of my once prestine view then I want some use out of it!