Friday 1 March 2013

Tower and Cell Site Protocol 28 Feb 2013

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association and the Federationof Canadian Municipalities announced on 28 Feb 2013 they signed a joint protocol and template to address the procedure for locating  wireless (cellular) antenna and tower systems.

The template adheres to but elaborates on the Industry Canada/Spectrum Branch regulatory recommendations set out in the  guidelines. Overall I found the protocol a little easier to read and understand even if it did not add anything of consequence to the procedures.

In reality, the procedures outlined in the protocol have been followed by the wireless (cellular) industry when dealing with the locating of antenna and tower locations for some time now.  This blog gives some detail of how Bell handled one particular case.

The protocol appears to be directed more at the municipalities as it provides a template to create common procedures across the country. I know from personal experience that not all local government have identified a Designated Municipal Officer as the empowered local official as the point-of-contact for matters related to wireless site selection by both the vendor and the general public.  

The protocol is just that a protocol. It is only a guide and not compulsory or legal requirement. However, all the major vendors and Industry Canada support the protocol and encourage its adaptation and implementation by municipalities.  Nevertheless if would be useful if municipalities published a link on their website and the vendors did the same on their announcements about public consults.

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