Saturday 20 September 2014

Deferral Account Price Structure from Bell Mobility

I have now received additional clarification from Bell Mobility concerning he Deferral Account program  plan price structure. 

Ms. Rose Tacconelli,  a Bell Mobility Consumer Direct Sales Help Desk & Escalations Supervisor provided the information.

A major revision of a number of the Bell Mobility rate plans in the July and August this year lead to confusion amongst the staff which resulted in the wide range of responses received from the Customer Service Representatives (CSR), particularly the Overage Insurance coverage costs.[1]

Bell Mobility calls the Deferral Account price plan “Bell Wireless Internet 5.” It can be ordered by calling 1-866-466-2453 (auto answer options 1,1,1)

Details of the plan are listed below. None of this information is available on the website.:

It is available on a 2 year term or on a 30 day term.

·         -  2 year term the price plan will cost $41.95 per month or $37.95 per month with the Bell Bundle [2]

·         - 30 day term the price plan will cost $36.95 per month or $32.95 per month with the Bell Bundle

The plan includes:
·         20 GB in basic plan
·         $4/GB for data over the basic 20 GB
·         Optional add-on $10/20 GB (This option is the so-called insurance. If you take this option you will be billed each month regardless of the amount data used.)  
·         Speeds up to 5Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload
·         No activation fee for 2 year term
·         $29.95 activation fee on 30 day term
·         $79.95 for the Turbo Hub on a 2 year term
·         $199.95 for the Turbo Hub on a 30 day
-      Includes an external antenna installed by Bell contractor at no charge.

If you run into problems ordering the plan, call Ms. Tacconelli. She normally works Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 5:00 pm. Her direct phone number is 905-282-3587. (Unfortunately, she does not have a toll free direct number.) She will ensure you are connected with a CSR who has received additional training on the Deferral Account plan. If necessary leave a message. I found she is very good about getting calls returned.

[1] The situation was exacerbated by the fact Bell Internet, a separate division from Bell Mobility, has a different set of Overage Insurance offerings that does include the $5.00 for 25 GB option.   (The fact that Bell Mobility and Bell Internet have completely different sets of overage rates is a separate discussion.)

[2] Only one Bell Mobility item allowed per bundle. i.e. you cannot have both a Bell Mobility smartphone and a Bell Mobility data hub in the bundle.


  1. Thanks for the clarification. I think this was the same supervisor I spoke with when trying to resolve the issues with this service. For the record she and the CSR who set up my account (i assume her direct report) were extremely pleasant to deal with - I sensed that they were as frustrated as some of their customers. Don't get me wrong, Bell makes me want to tear my hair out, but there are some decent people in the mix.

  2. Does anyone have any updated maps for the coverage areas around Echo Bay?

  3. I have nothing newer than that already published. Unfortunately, the Echo Bay area definition came from a separate source and is not as detailed as the other four DA area in the Algoma District. Echo Bay was not on the original DA area list and was not marked on the original maps.

  4. My paperwork included with the hub said 299 for the hub on the 30 day plan. This was fairly early in the roll out so I am waiting to see the actual billing before getting too excited. Marty @ Horseshoe

  5. If you have a problem later, give Ms Tacconelli a call.

  6. I too am somewhat happy that at least I'm not shelling out 90 dollars for 20 something gigs anymore since I've signed up for the 40 gig plan for 51 dollars.
    This is a nice step forward no doubt and I'm hoping this eases the next upgrade hopefully in the near future where we'll be included in plans that have more insurance like 80 gigs overage for 10 dollars etc.
    For now we can actually use the internet, albeit in limited dosage, like the rest of the people without so much extortion of the wallet!

  7. I have had a DA service from Bell for almost a year now. Performance has always been good and very consistent. Over the past two weeks I have noticed some degradation where my connection has either slowed considerably or lost connection and initiated a re-connect to the cell network. Anyone else experience any issues? Goulais River area.

    1. It would be useful if you identified a general when submitting a comment such as this i.e. Goulais, Wawa, Airport , St. Joseph, Echo Bay/Laird, etc.

      I am not sure if it is related but I have noticed there have been riggers working on the towers in the Goulais area over the past few weeks. They added a new pinwheel to the Heyden (Belmont Park) site. There are no new antennas yet but the tower head is ready to accept them.

      Over the years, one thing I have noticed it that it helps to reboot the turbo hub on a regular basis; I am talking every two or three weeks. I have always done this with my wireless routers. I have read various studies and reports that indicate most slow downs are caused at the LAN level and not the WAN level. The reboot clears what I call the "corporate " memories that add up over time and slow the processor down.(Note: If you are having to reboot on a daily basis, there are likely other problems.)

  8. Just thought I would let you know that there is a new and better turbo hub plan that just recently came out. It starts out at 50gb for $54.00 as the base part and then there is a flex plan included for data over the 50 gb up to 100gb that works as follows: if you go over the base 50gb they charge you $5 for which covers you up to 75gb.... then if you go over 75gb then another $5 is charged which then lets you to go 100gb.... after 100gb it is $4.00 a gb.

    So under this plan you could get 100gb and only pay $64.00 plus taxes. You of course have to sign up and get the new hub (which is smaller and has a battery back up) but right now they are giving you the hub for 0.00 if you sign up for 2 years....

  9. Where can I find out about this plan and sign up for it?

    1. I just published an update post this evening, 16 Jan 2016 at:

      I hope this helps. Feel free to ask for more info.

    2. I found out about this at the Sault Ste Marie "Bell" store in Station Mall but I am sure any Bell outlet store such as ATS on Bruce St. can help you. Good Luck