Thursday 26 May 2011

North Sault Broadband Installations To Start 30 May 11

Tbaytel has started to contact users who registered for the Canopy wireless broadband (high speed Internet) service to arrange site visits to confirm the availability of the signal and to carry out installations.

Tbaytel uses computer generated coverage projection models to determine which access point provides coverage in the user’s area. For the initial phase, areas covered by the Bellevue and Heyden access sites will be contacted followed shortly by people in the Goulais (Buttermilk) area. As previously reported, there is considerable pent-up demand and it may take a while to get around to all potential users.

The visits are scheduled to start the week of 30 May 11.

These new access point sites join the Batchawana and Searchmont sites that have been providing service for nearly a year.

Bellevue HSPA Operational

Tbaytel informed me that the Bellevue HSPA cell site is now operational.

This means users with Rogers or Tbaytel 3G HSPA hardware i.e smart phones should be able to get service in the coverage area. The site will not work with Rogers 2/2.5G GSM hardware. 

Bell and Telus 3G HSPA will not work with the new service.The site will continue to provide Tbaytel and Bell/Telus 2/2.5G CDMA service. In other words, if you were able to use your cell phone previously, the new HSPA service will have no effect.

Tbaytel will be providing more details on the HSPA service in due course and I will provide particulars as they become known.