Friday 22 August 2014

Bell Now Taking Deferral Account Sign Ups 22 Aug 2014 (Updated Phone Number 28 Aug 2014)

I signed up for the Bell Deferral Account service this morning.

Residents of addresses eligible to participate in the Deferral Account program will be notified via a direct mail campaign delivered to the users mail address. If you live within the boundaries shown on these maps you are potentially eligible. While there is nothing on the bell website as of this writing, if you are interested in getting set-up, call  1-866 -724-9452.

(Added 28 Aug 14 - Another number may be 1-888-466-2453. See comment by Michelle at 2:10 pm below.)

The trade name for the Deferral Account plan is Bell 5 Internet (not to be confused with Bell Fibe Internet 5). I dealt with an agent named Lucy. It took her a few minutes to find the information but in the end she was very helpful:  

Here are the details:   

a.  $37.95 per month for Bell Bundle customers
·         $41.95 per month for Bell 5 internet only
b.    Speed: 5 Mbps download and 800 kbps upload.
c.    Turbo Hub is model 4G LTE Netgear MBR 1516: frequencies handled are   700/850/1900/2100 MHz. There is a one-time charge (OTC) of $79.95 with a 2 year contract or $199.95 without a contract.
d.    Basic usage is 20 GB usage per month
e.    There are 2 overages options :
1. Regular rate is $2.50 per GB for maximum of $80.00; or
2. Insurance: for $5.00 per month get an extra 25 GB for a total of 45 GB for $42.95 (bundle) or $46.95 (no bundle)
f.     The set-up requires an external antenna installed as part of the basic price.

The data hub will be mailed out by Canada Post and an antenna installer will contact the user to arrange the install.