Sunday 15 April 2012

Heyden Bell Site Status 15 Apr 12

Signs continue to confirm the reports in my blogs of 4 Nov 11  and 29 Jan 12 about Bell Mobility expanding into the North Sault area. There is now a new power line near the entrance to Beaumont Mobile Home Park; it goes up the hill to the proposed location of the new Bell tower identified in the public consultation process.  From road level it also appears there has been some clearance work done on the crest of the hill.

I guess Bell did not want to see a repeat of the Echo Bay/Hwy 638/Hwy 17 situation where lack of a power line meant the location had to be run on diesel generator for some time after the site went operational.

If the Heyden Bell site follows the previous patterns for new Bell sites, it will be a HSPA+ only and will not support legacy CDMA hardware.