Tuesday 31 July 2012

SSM-Airport Deferral Account Site Location

Bell has confirmed the location of the cell site for the Deferral Account installation in the SSM-Airport area. The new location is the result of a public consultation process I reported on last year.

The location is:
Location Address:
Tower Location:
Coordinates of Tower Center:
57 Des ChĂȘnes Drive
Pointe Des ChĂȘnes Campground
N46° 28' 30.26" W84° 31' 24.25"
Bell has not yet announced the implementation schedule for this or any other Deferral Account sites.

Bell previously stated they would deliver the schedule to the CRTC by the end of July 2012. 

Thursday 5 July 2012

Internet Cost Study

The CRTC released a study on 05 Jul 2012 entitled “Price Comparisons of Wireline, Wireless and Internet Services in Canada and with Foreign Jurisdictions”

This study challenges some of the common wisdom espoused in various public forums, news website comments and dedicated websites about the cost of Internet service in Canada.

The report is sure to generate a lot of feedback over the next little while.