Tuesday 17 March 2015

New BWI5 (Deferral Account) Price and Service Structure

It did not take long for Bell to adjust the price and service structure for the Bell Wireless Internet 5 (BWI5), the name of the service provided in the Deferral Account areas.

The major changes are in the hardware, the data caps and the basic costs.

a. The 4G LTE Huawei B882 Turbo Hub replaces the 4G NetGear MBR 1516 Turbo Hub;

b. The new data cap is increased to 40 GB monthly from 20 GB with the option to add an additional 20 GB per month. I received confirmation from Bell that the 20 GB usage insurance will remain at $10.00;

c. The basic service is now $49.95 (plus taxes) per month on a 2 year term, an increase from $41.95. There is no reduction if the user buys the Turbo Hub outright.

As per the usual Bell practise, the new terms are only being offered to new subscribers only. (In Bell-speak, a new subscriber usually means a subscriber who has not had a similar service from Bell within the last 3 months.)

Like the original BWI5 service, this new service is only available on a direct sales basis from Bell Canada at 1-866-668-9104. The local Bell Stores do not handle this product line.

The qualification to receive BWI5 service remains the same i.e. one must live in designated Deferral Account area.

Details can be seen on the Bell Internet Promotions page