Monday 9 June 2014

Tbaytel Closing Down Its CDMA Service

Tbaytel has announced that it is closing down its CDMA service starting on 01 Jun 2014. This  action will also affect Bell and affiliated service providers as they use the Tbaytel CDMA network  to provide coverage in the affected areas.  

This action is part of the wrap-up of the CDMA technology across Canada. Telus announced previously that it started to shut down CDMA in March of this year. Bell has not commissioned any new CDMA sits for a number of years and announced they will phase out CDMA completely by 2017.  All new Bell sites are HSPA and/or LTE. 

This is the notification from the Tbaytel website:
"CDMA Mobility Network Decommissioning - Sunday, June 1st
On Sunday, June 1st Tbaytel will begin turning down select CDMA sites. As sites are turned down throughout the year, CDMA customers will begin to notice degradation of service. By December 2014, all CDMA sites will be shut down and Tbaytel will no longer offer CDMA service.  
As part of this end-of-life process, EVDO data services will be shut down on June 1st, 2014. Customers using EVDO data services will notice reduced data speed and will only have access to 1X data services.
CDMA customers can visit an Authorized Tbaytel Dealer to transition over to Tbaytel's 4G HSPA Network and enjoy the many benefits of 4G service."