Tuesday 22 June 2010

TBay Tel Regional In-Fill (RIF) News 22 June 10

I took part in a lengthy teleconference with TBayTel personnel on Monday, 21 Jun 10. Areas of concern were :

a. Delays in commissioning of the Heyden cell and broadband site;
b. Why the availability of broadband off the Batchawana site is still not available four weeks after the broadband equipment was declared operational;
c. Why a potential customer was charged $95.00 for a site signal check when the TBayTel web site clearly states there will be no charge if there is no signal;
d. Deployment schedule for remainder of sites in the Algoma District portion of the RIF: Goulais, Flour Bay, Carp River and Michipicoten;
e. Lack of TBayTel generated information; and
f.  TBayTel and Rogers HSPA overlay status


A. A technical dispute between TBayTel and Allstream about mounting backhaul and broadband equipment on the Bellevue tower is delaying the activation of the Heyden site. The companies’ structural engineers are not in agreement over hardware loads and mounting hardware. No new due date was provided.

B. The network managers could not explain why the Batchawana site was not actively connecting customers. There was a suspicion that it may have something to do with consolidating enough requests to make the dispatch of a technical to the area economical. TBayTel will get back to me with additional information.

C. TBayTel agreed that the website would indicate there is no charge for a site visit. The normal procedure is to do an assessment of service availability at a location using frequency mapping software in association with Google Earth. If the signal is charted as good or marginal, a technician is dispatched at no charge. If a customer insists on a site visit after being told it not likely a signal can be received in the area, then a charge is levied if no signal is received. 

D. The target date to finish the reaming sites is 31 Dec 2010. The Goulais site has been selected at Buttermilk Resort and the necessary consultative processes are now in progress. The other three sites have not been finalized.

E. TBayTel admitted the information and publicity on the service was not very good and would take action to improve in this area.

F. Work on the HSPA overlay has already started in the western end of the network and should be available in the Algoma District in the fall of 2010. The CDMA (Bell/Telus) will be continued for the foreseeable future.


TBayTel promised to provide some follow on information and this will be posted as it is received.

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