Friday 4 November 2011

Bell Mobility Moving Into North Sault?

It appears that the long rumoured moves by Bell Mobility into the North Sault area is preceding apace. A notice of Public Consult was published on 04 Nov 11 for a site near Heyden on the Beaumont Mobile Home Park property.
I have reports that there is new tower a few hundred metres to the east of the Tbaytel Goulais (Buttermilk) tower location that is reported also to be a Bell site.


  1. Thank goodness we will have an alternative to the congested TBaytel network

  2. Rogers advertises itself as "Canada's fastest most reliable network". Those of us in the boonies might find that laughable. I mean, I don't exactly expect LTE speeds out here in the sticks, or for Rogers to build a tower in my backyard, but lately dial-up is faster than the HSPA service (which barely works at all now - I know it can be stable / usable as it worked for a while this summer). I thought there were some hints in this blog that TBaytel was working on the congestion issues. I wonder if anyone has seen any improvements lately? I'm not a huge fan of Bell but I bet a lot of Rogers / TBaytel customers will jump ship. I kinda feel bad for TBaytel - I like to support the smaller players if I can.