Wednesday 6 June 2012

TBAYTEL HSPA Maintenance

The following is posted on the Tbaytel website
Maintenance Advisory - Mobility - Network Wide - June 6 to 24
Tbaytel will be performing system wide maintenance daily to our HSPA Wireless Network beginning Wednesday, June 6 between approximately 1 and 4:00 am EDT ending Sunday, June 24. During these times cellular service will be temporarily interrupted for a short period.

This will also affect Rogers subscribers.


  1. My family would be interested in Tbay tel internet. Would in be available in Lat.Long....46.830662,-84.09374 WABOS,ONTARIO if so contact

  2. I am not an agent, representative or salesperson for Tbaytel. To get the definitive answer on service availability, it is necessary to contact Tbaytel customer service at 1-800-264-9501.

    I can however, address the Wabos situation in general terms. The nearest Tbaytel access point provides service from a tower located atop the Searchmont Resort ski hill. Two radio based technologies are offered from the site: - Motorola Canopy fixed wireless point-to-multipoint which Tbaytel calls their Regional Wireless High Speed service and cellular based data hub service which Tbaytel calls their 4G Internet.

    Based on the information you provided and the information I have access to, your location is outside the service area for the Canopy service. I do not believe this service is available to you but only Tbaytel personnel can confirm it.

    Your chances with the 4G Internet (data hub) service are marginal. Previous tests in the Wabos area have not been successful in acquiring a signal but each individual location is different. The radio signal is subject to numerous kinds of influences that prevent the data hub receiving a useful signal. Things like tree/foliage, hills, distance, and antenna type can all influence the signal path. You may need additional equipment such as an external antenna and/or a signal amplifier to receive a decent service.

    The only way to determine if you can get service is to get a data hub unit and try it. Most carriers have a return policy if the service does not work out. The nearest Tbaytel agent is the Brick on White Oak Drive, SSM.

    Also, if you have access to a Rogers or Tbaytel HSPA smartphone, you can do a signal strength test using the built in meters; be sure to use the reading in –dBm or ASU, as the number of bars shown are far from accurate. A reading of less than -85 dBm (a smaller number is better) at your location should allow for service but only a working data hub can provide the ultimate answer.

    Finally, there is the satellite option through Xplornet or Galaxy. There are numerous agents for this service in the SSM area.