Friday 10 August 2012

Comments on Data Hubs in East Algoma

I have received a number comments over recent weeks from Bell data hub users in East Algoma that the speeds are slowing down and all the classic signs of network congestion are beginning to manifest themselves.

Whether it is coincidental or not, I noticed this sign along the roadside during a recent visit to Desbarats and St. Joseph Island. 


  1. The Rogers tower on 2nd Line W near Gros Cap is exceptionally slow lately. Must be too many people wanting to watch olympics coverage on-line. Speeds are <0.5Mb/s in the evenings, and 3Mb/s+ in the early AM hours.

  2. And people were so quick to complain about tbaytel's network issues.

    Looks like Bell suffers from the same congestion maladies.

  3. I'm a bit confused by the comments above - is the Gros Cap site a Rogers service or a Bell service?

  4. There is both a Bell signal and a Rogers signal being transmitted into the Gros Cap area. This does not necessarily mean one can receive both signals in all areas of Gros Cap due to a number of factors affecting radio wave propagation such as the frequencies used, antenna height above ground, user of an external antenna by the user, etc.

    The location of the tower is behind the Prince Township offices. The tower has both a Bell and a Rogers cell site and associated antenna mounted on it. There are a number of similar collocation sites situated throughout the SSM area and is the preferred option of Industry Canada to help cut down on "tower pollution".

    It may take some trials to determine which service may meet one's needs. Both Bell and Rogers offer a trail period and return policy if it does not work pout.

    The new cell site identified for installation at the Pointe des ChĂȘnes campground area is a Bell only site at the moment. The coverage area of this site is not known as of this time.