Tuesday 13 August 2013

Tbaytel Data Hub Roaming

It appears the Tbaytel data hub roaming is back in business – kind of.  I gleaned the following from the Tbaytel Community Forum website. 
  • The Tbaytel policy of only selling Tbaytel data hubs to users for use in the Tbaytel coverage area still applies. This means that unless you have an address north of approximately 6th Line in Sault Ste. Marie they will not sell you a rocket hub. This is in compliance with the Rogers/Tbaytel operating agreement.
  •  As sold, the Tbaytel data hub is blocked from directly accessing the Rogers network through a Rogers’s site infrastructure. In other words it can only access a Tbaytel tower/site. However, Tbaytel will unblock the data hub so you can use it in roam mode while travelling. This is done by calling Customer Care at 807-623-4400. I would be prepared to cite the Tbaytel-Roy thread on the Community Forum as the source for the request. The unblocking setting will remain in force until you ask Tbaytel to change it back
  • Tbaytel does offer some good advice about being sure to ensure the US and International Data Block remains in place after the domestic roam feature is activated. Otherwise you may get very large roaming charges if operating near the US/Canada border both north and east of Sault Ste. Marie. In any case, one should confirm what network one is connected to periodically if you are using a data hub in an area that may incur roaming charges.

Data hubs acquired directly from Rogers can roam the Tbaytel network at will and without modification. When I had my Rogers data hub, it was blocked from roaming outside Canada so international roaming was not an issue.

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