Wednesday 4 June 2014

Rocket Hub Update

This is an update on the blog entry "Where are the Rocket Hubs?".

Rogers advised Tbaytel on 28 May 2014 that they would no longer be marketing the Rocket Hubs (Netcomm data hubs) effective immediately.  It seems there was no advance warning of this action.

Whether or not Rogers offered Tbaytel a replacement hardware option or Tbaytel was wary of renewing a single source supply chain is unclear.  In any case, it appears Tbaytel will maintain a portable Internet choice and  is actively searching for a hardware replacement to the Rocket Hub.

As indicated in the previous blog entry, the Rogers LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot - Sierra Wireless AirCard 763S currently offered by Rogers may very well serve as a data hub replacement from a technical point of view. There are options available for the basic model such as external antennas and docking router unit that allow the Mobile Hotspot to mimic most features of the Rocket Hub. The big shortcoming of the Mobile Hotspots is that they are not 700 MHz compatible. 

The outstanding question is whether or not the Flex Rate Plans for Hubs will be applicable to Mobile Hotspot models configured as a hub or will the Tablets, Mobile Hotspots & Sticks rate apply. This is significant as the Hub rate is $90.00 for 20 GB versus a Mobile Hotspot rate of $85.00 for 10 GB. Both plans charge $10 per GB for usage in excess of their maximum fixed rate.

More information about the Mobile Hotspot can be found at the following sites:

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  1. The problem with the Rogers Mobile Hotspot is that the external antenna options are limited to the small Netgear antenna that will not provide enough gain for rural users. Many users will need a larger roof mounted external antenna coupled with an amplifier to receive a strong signal with the Mobile Hot Spot