Monday 2 June 2014

Where are the Rocket Hubs?

There is something strange going on with the Rocket Hub on the Rogers and Tbaytel websites - it has disappeared! There is no longer a picture or technical information about the data hub hardware on either site.

On the Rogers mobile Internet page there is an icon for "Hub" as one of the four devices for mobile Internet. When you click on "View all" pricing information comes up. If you follow this by clicking the "Get started" button, the following message comes up:   

"Unfortunately, the phone you are looking for is not available for purchase on"

Rogers is still listing two Flex Rate plan options for hubs on their mobile rate plan page.   

On the Tbaytel portable Internet page there is no mention of the Rocket Hub in the body of the page. The fine print at the bottom of the page refers to "Rocket Hub." The page lists details of a Data Flex plan for the "Rocket Stick" but there is no indication as to whether to not the plan applies to a Rocket Hub.

Neither the Rogers nor the Tbaytel site give any indication why they removed the Rocket Hub information or what the impact would be on existing or future customers.

A quick check confirmed that current data hub users are not experiencing any issues with their service at this time  except for the usual congestion. 

The lost of the data hub service without an equivalent replacement would have a major negative impact on the broadband (high-speed Internet) service in rural and remote areas of the Algoma District.

As of today, 02 Jun 2014, the alternative to the data hub is the Rogers Mobile Hotspot or Rocket Stick both of which are more expensive and do not offer a telephone option. Tbaytel offer the same Rocket Stick but at a slightly better Data flex plan price.


  1. Interesting..... are they going to bail, now that Bell is starting to ramp up...? My Rogers hub (and phone) still work as of last weekend.

  2. What does it all mean Hermes? This will be fascinating to watch unfold.